Merchant processing services

Merchant Processing service Send & receive funds both locally and internationally with your dedicated IBAN account have merchant Processing Services.

Key Features

Multi Currency Account

Get a beneficiary European IBAN, GB Account and USD Account.

Diverse Payment Network

Transfer funds to everyone around the worl using SEPA, SWIFT or UK Faster Payments.

Instant Payments

Make instant payments to/from other Senmo clients have merchant service provider.

Payment Request

Request payments in seconds with payment links sent by email or text message.

Company Cards

Trans spending in real-time and easily manage your company expenses.

Bulk Payments

Make fast and multiple payments in a seconds.

How Multi Currency Account works

Send & receive funds both locally and internationally with a multi currency account.


Register your business with us, we will set up your account and provide you with your own dedicated multi-currency IBAN.


Provide your account information to your clients so they can transfer funds to you or fund it from one of your accounts in another institution.



Login to our online portal to manage your funds, send payment out to your suppliers or pay for expenses.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Business Account?

Multi currency account (also known as an IBAN: International Bank Account Number) allows you to receive money in EUR, GBP, USD. You can hold, deposit, or withdraw funds. Check also Currency Exchange which we offer IBAN which allows you to receive money in 34 currencies and send money in 38 currencies from within a single account.

Are there limits on the amount of money i can send and receive?

No, there are no transaction limits on Senmo multi currency accounts.

Which currencies can i send and receive in my account?

Senmo allows you to receive payments in EUR, GBP, USD. If you need more currencies consider the Currency Exchange account which you can receive 34 currencies and send 38 currencies.

How do i add money to my account?

You can add money to your senmo account in one of the three ways:

  • Provide the account information to any person or company to pay you into the account from any bank account in the world.
  • Send money to your account from another one of your accounts in another financial institution.
  • Ask another senmo user to send you funds internally which is instantly. 
How do i send money from my account?

Once you opened your verified IBAN account and added money to a balance, transferring funds is simple. Login to your account and add a beneficiary in the page send payment, then simple submit the transfer to that beneficiary.

Get Started

Send & receive funds both locally and internationally with your dedicated IBAN account.