Fraud Protection

Fight fraud your way with our range of cutting-edge tools. And don’t worry about ever-changing risk and regulation. Our flexible tech responds in real-time, so you’re always ready for anything.

Smarter fraud defense

Keep customers coming back with smooth and safe checkout experiences. Our machine learning models train on millions of global transactions to help you spot potential risks before they bite.

Manage risk and keep up conversion

Strike the right balance between payment fraud protection and approval rates for your business. You can apply risk scoring and routing logic to different segments and criteria with our easy-to-use solution.

Set custom-built rules

Manage risk your way by setting rules for how payments are processed and criteria for how they should be routed.

Machine learning technology

Focus more time on your next innovation, while our technology’s busy assigning risk scores and blocking high-risk payments automatically.

Built-in 3D Secure 2.0

Combine the power of our risk management and routing with 3DS2. So you can boost risk protection for payments with specific risk profiles.

Security throughout
the payment journey

Easy disputes management

Protect yourself against chargebacks more easily. Our super-simple disputes workflow helps you spot and sort out disputes, provide evidence and track the progress in real-time.

Advanced fraud insights

Fine-tune your fraud protection by creating blacklists using a range of attributes. Compare and intercept behavioural patterns that usually spell trouble.


Make life easier for your customers by digitally replacing card details for tokens with no exploitable value. And store actual bank account information in a token vault.

Make more happen with better payments data and instant insights